Covid-19 and Flying at Alcaston

You will all have seen the recent BMFA advice on returning to model flying. Your committee have been considering this advice in relation to our small club and have also spoken to our landlord on his views. Essentially we are considering our flying field as equivalent to a “park” in the Government advice and we will use the following guidelines for our club.

  • Use gloves when opening / closing gate & operating mower and other shared resources
  • Keep more than 2m apart at all times
  • Keep personal pits areas much further apart, aim to have a vehicle between your models and a neighbours
  • When flying keep 2+m  apart This probably means in practice keeping 3 or 4 m apart as we all tend to wander around a bit as we track our models in the air and  position ourselves for takeoffs/landings.  To help this keep to just two models in the air at a time.  Limit flying slot to 15 mins if someone else is waiting to fly
  • No shared transmitters etc, also if using buddy box need to have a 3 - 4m cable to ensure  separation. This may make effective training difficult.

We will review the above in a few weeks or before if there are any issues.  We may find for instance that we can increase the numbers of models in the air by spreading out more.  

Our organised Tuesday slot is obviously not viable at the moment.

Ultimately it will be up to club members to ensure that they keep themselves and others safe.  If someone gets too close, politely ask them to back off.

Hence Alcaston is now available for use bearing in mind the above guidelines. There are no sheep in the field and none in prospect for the immediate future so the grass will be getting long! Happy and Safe flying to all